Global Hub of Mathematics, Scientific and Information Science(GHMSIS)

GLOBAL HUB OF MATHEMATICS, SCIENTIFIC AND INFORMATION SCIENCE- serves as a venue for the careful presentation of applied research in the core areas of informatics and information technologies, statistics and mathematics. The purpose of the GHMSIS is to further the development of inter-disciplinary research that crosses the boundaries between computer science, mathematics, and statistics. The journal aims to broaden the synergy between computer science and theoretical mathematics by world-class scientists, writing to other scientists about advances, methods, and findings behind the fundamentals.

GLOBAL HUB OF MATHEMATICS, SCIENTIFIC AND INFORMATION SCIENCE- is aimed at to provide an outlet to original research papers and review articles of current interest in all areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Theoretical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, Theoretical Computer Science, Mathematical Biology and Financial Mathematics. Application oriented work for users of Mathematics is also encouraged. Being aware with ever-expansion of the subject, the journal remains open for upcoming newer topics as well. 

Topics include, but are not limited to: applied, computational, and industrial mathematics, AI, computer graphics, simulations, stochastic methods, database theory, graph theory, computer networks and communications, information security, to name a few.

The journal supports the publication of original research papers containing new substantial, significant or overviewed results and methods, with complete proofs.