Publication Charges
The types of the publication processing are as follows:
* Free Publication (Fee of Charge):

In Regular Publication, the publication fee is free of charge. Your manuscript must be formatted according to the Journal format (MS-Word: .docx). Otherwise, your paper will be rejected. Accepted papers will generally be published about 1 months later.
* Regular Publication (USD 50):

Accepted papers will be published‚ within 1 months.
* Regular Publication + Format Correction (USD 100):

Accepted papers will be published‚ within 1 months. The accepted paper is formated by journal staffs.

* Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice
Manuscript submitted to this journal signifies that it has not been published previously, has not been copyrighted, has not been submitted elsewhere and the author(s) agrees that the copyright for article will be transferred to the publisher upon acceptance of the article. Any act of plagiarism is totally unacceptable.If the plagiarism is detected, the manuscript may be rejected and the author's institution/employer notified.

* Digital Preservation Policy
The SynthesisHub is committed to preserving the all intellectual contents. We provide reliable long-term preservation for digital content, with access to the extent legally possible, in ways that maximize the contributions of researchers and make the most efficient use of available resources. By periodical backup and RAID1 constitution, the reliable long-term preservation for digital content is provided.


                      Article Processing Charges

             Payment Link

        International Authors  

          (No  Author limit

            Upto 30 pages)


           $  100 USD 


          Indian Authors  

        (No  Author limit

          Upto 20pages)

       Rs. 12712 - 00